ICSP’s business models for working with our customers combine wide-ranging industry experience, peerless understanding of industry dynamics, and meticulously detailed software processes.

Custom Application Development Services

Wireless Application Development and Outsourcing :

In today’s world you have a number of choices to make: what device should your application use, what operating system, what networks will be relied on? And the list only keeps growing. Why not make things simpler?

Simplifying development processes is exactly what leading wireless application publishers do. They rely on International IT Services for Brew™, I-Mode™ Doja, J2ME™, Palm OS™, Symbian™, and WAP expertise. We can help you port an application or develop it from concept to successful launch on handsets in all major markets.

The Mobile applications and products business has been spun off into a new company "MobiQuest Pte Ltd". Please visit for more details


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